Sea Buckthorn and Calendula Balm



Solid Gold Everything is the little pot of skin magic that you'll want to keep with you at all times.

Our infusion and formulation process brings together potent botanicals with some of the most powerful healing and regenerative oils to soothe and restore all manner of skin frustrations.

Use for eczema, acne scars, stretch marks, minor burns, chapped lips and hands, diaper rash, bug bites and more.

Our son keeps a jar of this by his bed, and swears it makes all of his ouchies from his little kid adventures feel better "in almost like no time!"

We source all Organic, ethically sourced ingredients and handcraft our balms in small batches in a small town in Oregon, USA.

Ingredient Highlights:

Meadowfoam Oil - Meadowfoam is rich in antioxidants. It is anti-inflammatory and easily absorbed into skin as it so closely matches our own natural oils.

Sea Buckthorn Oil - This bright red oil has been shown to assist in wound healing, reduce scars, soothe eczema and reduce inflammation. It has been used to heal radiation burns, bedsores, and skin rashes.

Elderflower - Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal, this lovely white flower has been used in beauty potions for centuries to reduce and prevent wrinkles, balance the skin's oil production, and cleanse the skin.

Turmeric - curcumin from turmeric helps heal wounds by decreasing inflammation, it has been used to help soothe skin conditions from vitiligo, acne, scleroderma, and psoriasis.

Calendula - Used by humans for thousands of years for skin ailments. It is hydrating, anti inflammatory, wound healing, and somewhat UV protectant.

Rose - Astringent and loaded with antioxidants, rose is excellent for dry skin and inflammation.

Shea Butter - Rich with vitamin A, Shea butter restores skin elasticity and reduces inflammation. It is easily absorbed, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.

Other ingredients: Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Bees Wax, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil